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Why Give Favors


Well, the joy of giving comes to mind first. If you can give someone a nice memory of a good time shared together, through party favors, then you have gained the joy of giving. Favors are a small and thoughtful way of experiencing the joy of giving. They don’t have to be expensive and they don’t have to be purchased. Handmade favors are a wonderful way of personalizing your small token of appreciation to your guests.


We all want nice memories of our special day, whether it’s a bridal shower, wedding, birthday party, anniversary party or some other special event. Wouldn’t you want your guests to share in those memories? You invited them for a reason. Favors are a way of providing your guests with special memories they can actually take home.


Consideration is another reason for giving favors. The guests invited by you personally took time out of their day, with gifts in hand, to attend your special event. Yes, good food and music might be motivation enough for some, but they put on their good clothes to do it. Some of your guests may have participated in the planning of the event. Showing some consideration through favors will be remembered by your guests for years to come. Party or wedding favors represent your appreciation and say a big “thank you” in a small way. It’s not the favor, but the thought behind the favor.


Favors also add excitement when guests are seated. Accent the party! Favors can make your party tables or reception tables look festive and inviting. They’ll recognize your special touch to the celebration and your warmth and graciousness as a hostess. Every table has flowers and colored napkins on it, but a table accenting the party with wedding favors, bridal shower favors, anniversary favors, etc..on it will get your guests in the festive mood right away. It’s a festive occasion and your goal is festivity and celebration.


Why give favors? Gratitude also comes to mind. When it comes to parties, weddings and showers, favors mean gratitude. You’ll want to thank your guests for coming and sharing your special day. Make sure your “thank you” reflects your personality and style. This makes giving party favors or wedding favors more on the personal side.

There are all kinds of favors to give and many times you can find your wedding theme ideas just by looking over favor options. They come in all kinds of themes and styles these days. Some brides actually figure out their theme doing this. Some brides already know what they’re wedding theme is going to be and are looking for wedding favors to accent that theme. Same goes for bridal showers, anniversary parties, birthday parties and so forth. There is such an array of party favors, it would be hard not to come up with some wedding or party theme ideas or to accent one.

In my opinion, there are two key factors when considering which favor to choose; are they practical and can both sexes use them after the party or celebration is over; and the other is, are they personal (reflecting your style and individuality). You don’t want to waste your money on party favors that will only be left on the tables once the event is over.

Part 2: Types of Favors

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Don't forget the wedding favor box!
A gift box is a surprise waiting to be opened. Fill wedding favor boxes with your favorite treats or small gifts for a present to thank each of your guests.
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