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What Are Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are small tokens given to all guests as a show of gratitude and as a memento of the special day. Normally a card is attached indicating the bride and grooms names as well as the date of the wedding


The Perfect Salt & Pepper Pair
"You Spice Up My Life" or "The Perfect Pair". Inside the box are salt and pepper shakers nestled on a bed of natural wood grass. These elegant salt and pepper shakers will spice up meals for years to come and make those special memories last. The clear acetate box is decorated with a delicate satin ribbon and can be personalized with a card. It's the perfect pair keepsake that will keep memories lasting forever. Each pear measures 1-3/4"H “ in diameter and 2-1/2” in height.

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Why Give Favors    Part 2: Types of Favors
Uptown Style
You want to celebrate your occasion with Fifth Avenue flair. Thank your guests with posh favors in slick and decadent silver ...

Wedding favor ideas to impress your guests   Picking favors that will make your guests feel special and help them remember your day is important. Read more

Wedding Favor Idea Creator

Don't forget the wedding favor box!
A gift box is a surprise waiting to be opened. Fill wedding favor boxes with your favorite treats or small gifts for a present to thank each of your guests.
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Beautiful rose petals and botanicals make lovely take-home favors when they're tucked in Sachets, Petal Purses and Petal Pockets. Contact us for more information

Beach Wedding Favors & Accessories

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