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Wedding Day Hairstyles
There are literally thousands of hairstyles to choose from for your wedding day.
What style you choose really depends on the type of wedding you're planning. After all, you might be absolutely stunning with your hair cascading down while stray strands frame your face- when you're out shopping or at dinner with friends, but unless you're planning something informal or a theme where that look would completely compliment the occassion, you might need to search for a style that will match your wedding day plans.

Choose a sleek or curly up-do that will compliment the shape of your face, the gown you have chosen, the theme of the wedding and the level of formality of the wedding and reception.

The Bare-Bones Hairstyle Basics

Bridal Basics small stargazer bulletNancy's Hints & Tip: I have put together this small list of do's and don't after looking through thousands of pictures and speaking with hairstylist and bridal parties.
The following should only be considered a guidline and there are always exeptions to every rule.
  1. For elaborate gowns with a high neckline, hair should be worn up
  2. With a bustier style or strapless gown, hair may be worn in an up-do but strands or curls left hanging at the neckline and around face will soften the hardlines of the dress.
  3. A sleek gown without alot of fussiness, will look great with a sleek up-do
  4. A long pouffy gown with many layers of tulle and heavy beading is more suitable when coupled with a curly up-do style
  5. Any gown that is fussy near the neckline should not have a "fussy" hairstyle matched with it.

Remember to make an appointment with your stylist for a dry-run at the style you choose just to be sure it is the right one and looks great.
If there is any *tweaking to be done, this would be the time to do it.
On your wedding should be all systems go, minus any additional stress!

Try different hairstyles online, before you do a dry-run with you hairstylist.
A great way to find the right style is with The Hair Styler - Virtual Hairstyles


The Virtual Hairstylers
Upload your your own photos (unlimited uploads) or choose a model photo of your choice to view, try different styles, eMail to friends or print from a choice of thousands of styles and colors.
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I would like to thank the following people, for trying the hairstyler and sending positive feedback.

Thank you
Connie, Sandra and Akita
Heather, Kristin
Patrina (I used it to try new colors as well)
Mike and Charla
Steve (I'm very happy it helped with your makeover)
Gabriella (Sounds fabulous. I'd love to see some pics of it)

Click here if you would like to send your positive feedback on the hairstyler
Your name will be added to the thank you list.

*Tweaking: to fine tune, make positive changes

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